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The Big Umbrella Foundation is committed to the principle that every person should live free from poverty and exploitation
As an NGO based in Australia, The Big Umbrella Foundation works locally and abroad to address issues impacting on marginalised people, including those affected by human rights abuses, exploitation, forced labour and homelessness.

The Big Umbrella is 100% run by volunteers.


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Volunteers are the heartbeat of our organisation

In Australia, We have worked with over 22,000 corporate and individual volunteers to provide and serve a massive 102,500 meals to the homeless communities of Melbourne by rescuing an astounding 218 tonne of surplus food from corporate events and the food services industry. Incredibly that’s over 66,000 people hours of service donated/given to our local community (the equivalent of 32 people working full time for one year). The cash value of their donated hours totals around $2.4 million. This is an outstanding achievement for a 100% volunteer organisation. 

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