The Big Umbrella Foundation is committed to the principle that every person should live free from poverty and exploitation

As an NGO based in Australia, The Big Umbrella Foundation works locally and abroad to address issues impacting on marginalised people, including those affected by human rights abuses, human trafficking, exploitation, forced labour and homelessness

The big Umbrella is 100% run by volunteers and funded by our volunteers.



The strategic focus of The Big Umbrella Foundation is:

To facilitate fundraising efforts to support our projects servicing marginalised people, youth and children around the globe that maybe effected by homelessness or poverty

To foster partnerships with local and international organisations in order to enhance their efforts in providing rehabilitation and resources for marginalised people experiencing exploitation and homelessness

 To raise awareness globally of the negative issues around homelessness, child exploitation, forced labour and human trafficking

Why we’re different

  • Our care comes without conditions
  • We don’t seek to impose a religion or belief system upon those we support
  • We’re small, but we do amazing work.

We’re a team of committed individuals who have joined forces to donate our time and skills to help Nepal’s children and their communities.

   Simply use online banking and you can transfer directly into our bank account,
The Big Umbrella Foundation,

BSB: 633-000, account number:155 763 923

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or just simply write to us and tell us why you love what we do, we love that just as much as.


                                          The Big Umbrella is a certified Australian charity at the ACNC with DGR status for tax deductibility.

100% of your donation is tax deducible


Please watch the video below and experience how it all started back in 2010.

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