A Real Meal

The Big Umbrella Foundation feed anyone who is hungry. In the last 10 years A Real Meal has served over 170,000 hot meals to the homeless communities of Melbourne

170,000 + Meals Served


218 Tonne Food Rescued


7 Years Running, 52 Weeks a Year

22,000 Volunteers and Growing

The Real Meal’ is more than providing hot food to the marginalised communities of Melbourne, we aim to create friendships, build trust and give the most important thing one can give…. our time. “Time Caring” as we call it – is something that we all so easily take for granted in our busy day to day lives, filled with appointments and friends, but for our friends on the street, the time of day can be the most valuable thing to share with another and equally the one thing that is missed the most.

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We are not a soup kitchen, we are a soup station, meals served with love to anyone that's hungry. Rather than just providing a meal, we share a meal with our friends on the street.

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