TBU House

Long-term rehabilitation and residence for former street children in Kathmandu

There are an estimated 7000-9000 children living on the streets in Kathmandu, Nepal. Their lives are a daily struggle, defined by violence and exploitation. The implications of which can have severe consequences for their physical, mental and emotional health.

In order to overcome these effects that street life has on them, most children require long-term rehabilitation and support. It is on this principle that ‘The Big Umbrella House’ was founded in 2010 in Kathmandu, Nepal. TBU House provides long-term rehabilitation, support and residence for former street children between the ages of 6-17 yr old.

Our fully trained staff ensure the children receive extensive dedicated therapy, education and love so that they may help create bright futures and opportunities for these children.

TBU HOUSE is now home to 20 ex-street children, providing transformational support and care through rehabilitation, education, love and stability.

The joy that these young boys experience in becoming a part of the TBU family is immeasurable compared to the small contribution required to keep the TBU House Nepal operating.

TBU House Objectives

    • Regular counselling and therapy sessions. Including therapeutic activities which encourage them to embrace being children such as art therapy, play therapy and music therapy.
    • Education and development in key life skills such as personal hygiene, cooking and social interaction.
    • Strengthen the day to day psychosocial and rehabilitative activities of the rehabilitation centre for the children.
    • Assessment of child’s family to gauge possibility, viability and safety of family re-integration and ongoing monitoring of the process of re-integration
    • Admit children to school and regular monitor and school performance.
    • Regular ‘exposure’ visits for the children in different places to ensure mental health evolution and amelioration of the children.
    • Conduct outreach to current street children to lay foundations for eventual rescue and rehabilitation

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