Rebuild Nepal Project

In 2015 a devastating earthquake struck Nepal, killing close to 9000 people and destroying hundreds of thousands of homes, schools and essential public buildings.

Following the disaster, The Big Umbrella, pledged to support the rebuild of schools and homes in the most remote yet hardest hit areas to which little or no aid had reached, sometimes known as ‘black spots’.

Sadly, Nepal is covered in such places due to remoteness, difficulty of access and lack of adequate resources or expertise to send relief teams such a distance.

Main Outcomes

  • Brand new 8 room school for 320 students for Priti Village.
  • Re Built school at Waffel Village for 160 students
  • Brand new 5 room, two storey house, built house for 4 person family
  • A second, brand new 5 room, two storey, built house for 6 person family
  • Employment for 100’s of local people from local villagers
  • Improved schooling community
  • Support of future education for teachers and staff
  • Encouragement and support of remote villagers

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