KTM Drop-in for street children


The Night Umbrella – TBU CONTACT POINT will be working directly with street children every day and provided the different kinds of facilities to make their lives better.

The Night Umbrella – TBU CONTACT POINT will work on developing street children self-esteems, encourage them to get out of the street and motivate to come in TBU CONTACT POINT to utilise facilities and services available.

There are many little children found during outreach program and asking /showing interest to go TBU house and to get admit school, BUT as we don’t have place to support them for certain period of time to prepare them to make some change into their habits and behavior before referring them to TBU house rehabilitation centre



street children in Nepal


Girls sold into sex slavery


children in forced labour


children die annually

100% driven by love

Children are the heartbeat of our organisation.

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TBU Night Umbrella objectives:

A Drop-in centre that will capable to support 30 – 40 children everyday.

We will provide shelter, protection and nutrition for the children each day and also motivate them in start studying again for school but most importantly try to find their families for family reunification, we hope that we don’t need to suppoet them in TBU HOUSE unless 100% necessary.

Regular counselling and therapy sessions. Including therapeutic activities which encourage them to embrace being a child. Such programs as art therapy, play therapy and music therapy.

    • We can prepare children for TBU HOUSE from drop-in centre so that they can easily adjust
    • We will have some educators to go on the street to visit the children regularly to be up to date.
    • Education and development in key life skills such as personal hygiene, cooking and social interaction.
    • Strengthen the day to day psychosocial and rehabilitative activities of the rehabilitation centre for the children.
    • Assessment of child’s family to gauge possibility, viability and safety of family re-integration and ongoing monitoring of the process of re-integration
    • Regular ‘exposure’ visits for the children in different places to ensure mental health evolution and amelioration of the children.
    •  The frontline worker builds relation with children and provides them first aid and general medical services on the street


So that TBU frontline workers will organise awareness program on the street to make them aware about various sensitive issues. e,g_ HIV, child sexual abuse, life skills, importance of family children rights and human trafficking  etc.






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