Our Projects

Building a connected community focusing on development is our goal; we believe that by providing the community with the strength to heal themselves and care for

their own..

Every project we undertake is powered by compassion, innovation and the drive to create real lasting social change.

We believe that sharing really is caring. That’s why all our projects are about giving some of what we have to those who don’t have as much; whether it’s food, shelter, knowledge, skills or time.

As with everything we do at TBU, our projects are wholly driven by the love and passion of our family of volunteers.


Meals Served




Corporate volunteers



Current Projects

volunteer in melbourne

Social innovation and Social enterprise

ARM team building

Melbourne Homeless

Melbourne Drop in

Melbourne soup station

A ReaL MeaL

too have a home

TBU House Nepal

Bean' Good cafe

A social enterprise

TBU Drop in centre

Kathmandu street children

Food rescue

Urban Seeds Kitchens

after the 2015 earthquake

Re Build Nepal