Campaign 147

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Raised: $7,000 / $52,000
Campaign Duration: 1734 Days
Every thirty seconds, someone is forced into modern day slavery… Only 1-2% ever escape.

Campaign 147

We are aiming to raise over $52,000 in the next 12 months to fund Blue Dragon’s rescue missions. Blue Dragon is working on the front line with authorities, physically rescuing children from forced labour and the sex trade.It costs a minimum of $1000, per rescue mission.

All we need is 147 people to give $1 a day for the next 365 days to reach this goal. Everyone who reads this can help.

If you can’t afford to donate please contribute by helping us to spread awareness. Do you know 147 people?

Why Campaign 147

Our work covers a wide range of policy and legislative areas including:

  • Child protection
  • Child trafficking
  • Child exploitation
  • Children’s rights
  • Child poverty
  • Youth justice
  • Disability

Where does the money go ?

100% of money raised will go directly into rescue mission projects working with these children, aided by The Big Umbrella and run by Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation.

That is 1 life rescued a week.