100% Volunteer, 100% Driven by love

Operating both locally and internationally, we address issues impacting on the marginalised, those affected by human rights abuses, exploitation, forced labour and homelessness.

Who are we?

The Big Umbrella Foundation is a non-government organisation committed to the principle that people should live free from poverty, hunger and exploitation. The Big Umbrella Foundation is 100% volunteer operated and works both locally and abroad addressing issues impacting on marginalised people, including those affected by human rights abuse, and homelessness.

The Big Umbrella Foundation will educate people about the work we do in the community, the issue of food waste, food security and homelessness in Australia while making direct contact and serving beautiful fresh meals to those in need.

The Big Umbrella is a certified Australian charity with DGR status.

our vision

To create sustainable communities, we will build awareness, educate and provide opportunities to minimise poverty and exploitation


Through living our core values we deliver services with big love and the joy of giving

Give – Educate - Nourish

Our mission

To create lasting solutions for poverty, hunger and homelessness driven by Volunteers and partnerships with Corporate Australia.

Local Roots, Global Reach

Sustainable Giving

The Big Umbrella Foundation is creating a sustainable Social Enterprise model to empower people within the community. TBU will set the benchmark in social economic models, challenging and changing the way “Charity” is perceived.

By building social equity, we aim to bring about lasting change within the Not For Profit Sector through the development of our charitable programs making them sustainable and profitable.

We provide an experience that promotes awareness and gives us the ability to contribute back to local communities whilst creating a new way of doing business together. 

Helping Communities Grow

The Big Umbrella is continuing to work with the next generation of Social Entrepreneurs through inviting socially conscious businesses to experience the ReaL MeaL and Urban Seed Kitchens program. This is a team building experience for their staff and clients which can assist individuals with professional development, leadership skills and social consciousness.


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