The Street Children of Pashupati


For the last couple of weeks we have been making our way across Kathmandu to a very dusty and dirty makeshift soccer field next the huge, open air cremation site of Pashupatinath Temple to spend time with the street kids who live in the area.

This Friday, we were pretty surprised to see a significantly larger group than had joined us last week and there was a decidedly jumpier and more uneasy mood in the air. Maybe this change in mood was because it was the day after the anniversary of the quake and in all likelihood the 1st anniversary for some of them of living on the streets. Or perhaps it there had been a particularly alarming incident amongst them on the street, it’s impossible to tell and the children wear their usual masks of silence and pride.

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There is hope though. The local staff from The Big Umbrella together with a locally based charity APC run outreach programmes to connect with these children, build their trust and hopefully get them off the street and into a safe and stable home environment.

TBU’s ‘A Real Meal’ project works with these end goals in mind. Volunteers and staff spend time with the kids playing football, talking, giving basic first aid then taking them for a proper meal. With consistency this builds trust and eventually means that some kids are able to be rehabilitated and saved from the streets and a life of pain and struggle devoid of love.


Want to get some instant good karma? Go to the TBU website and click on the donate now button. You alone could feed 50 kids for the price a mediocre steak dinner. What are you waiting for? 🙂

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