The Black Spots of Nepal- One year after the earthquake of 2016

2015 Nepal Earthquake Relief Project – The Rebuild – ‘The Black Spots’

November 2015, With our boys in the TBU house safe & secure after the big quake, it was time to look at the bigger picture & wider community of Nepal.

‘A Black Spot’ is an area that no national or international aid relief has reached after the quake. Sadly, Nepal is covered in such places, due to remoteness or the lack of resources to be able to send relief teams such a distance.

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 2.10.25 pm

A massive Thanks to Steve Pineapple Alberts and his team, everyone involved for making this possible. Special mention to the incredible work of Som Tamang, Samir Tamang Sujan Tamang from Friends of Himalayan Children Inc and John L P Thakuri.


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