Corporate team building

What if you could engage and connect your team, while impacting your local community?

Through team building participants will develop their skills and have their current thinking around the following areas tests:

Leadership – Resilience – Tolerance – Compassion- Humility – Influence

The Big Umbrella invites companies to feed the homeless at Flinders St Melbourne as a team building experience that will stay with you for life.

“We are not a soup kitchen, we are a soup station, meals served with love to anyone that’s hungry-Rather than providing a meal, we share a hot meal with our friends on the street”

‘A Real MeaL’ is more than providing hot food to the marginalized communities of Melbourne, we aim to create friendships, build trust and give the most important thing one can give…. our time. “Time Caring”as we call it –  is something that we all so easily take for granted in our busy day to day lives filled with appointments and friends, but for our friends on the street, the time of day can be the most valuable thing to share with another and equally the one thing that is missed the most. All to often we pass someone on the street, down on their luck, begging, just to get by each day, it’s easy and not our fault that sometimes we must keep going without stopping, and we now it’s even hard sometimes to even acknowledging these people them as we pass them by on our way to the next meeting or commitment, it may bring up emotions and feelings we may not be able to understand, feeling helpless, sad and confused, not knowing what to do or say to help this person.

This is why we are here… Together we can give the time of day to those that society so easy forgets about and walks by. “Time caring”

This goal is only achieved through the weekly support of our warm, friendly and genuine ‘TBU family volunteers’. A ReaL MeaL differentiates itself from other soup kitchen programs because we are 100% funded and 100% run by volunteers, thus meaning that we are self sustainable and don’t rely on any external funding from governments or take any of the much needed community funding. We are 100% funded by YOU, the community that cares enough to stop and offer support.


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What to expect

Volunteering to feed the homeless (our friends on the street) is an extremely rewarding experience and on the night you can expect to meet and feed anywhere from 150 to 200 people.

Some may find that it takes them out of their comfort zone and could also be a little confronting. It is important to remember  just how much your actions and time are improving the quality of life of the people you meet as it grounds you and brings a new sense of appreciation for your life.


What the night involves

Each night will require a minimum of 10 people and a maximum of 15 people. The roles of the night will vary from preparing and serving food to just hanging out and having a chat with the homeless/ friends from the street.

The breakdown:

  • 2 people serving soup
  • 2 people cooking pancakes on the BBQ
  • 1 person blending the pancake mix
  • 2 people serving the pancakes
  • 4 people serving drinks and pastries which have kindly been donated
  • 1 – 2 people handing out books which have kindly been donated to our mobile library
  • 2 – 4 people to come back to the office in the Docklands to assist with washing the utensils used on the night


What to wear

For occupational health and safety reasons every volunteer is required to purchase a red Big Umbrella t-shirt which is supplied on the night. Whilst the nights are very safe it is recommended that you wear minimal or no jewellery, we also kindly ask that you please bring a hair tie if you have long hair, as we will ask that you tie it back on the night, we operate as a restaurant would, we hold the same values and standards and must comply to all OH&S procedures and policy on the night.


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