The Big 365 challenge

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Raised: $150 / $52,000
Campaign Duration: 1035 Days



The Big 365 Campaign is bringing together teams of Big hearted individuals with a commitment to raising a minimum of $1 a day for a year – $365 in total. Our goal is to raise vital funds for tackling the effects of homelessness in Australia and abroad with 100% of money raised going directly to support people in need.


Homelessness is an issue that impacts approximately 100 million people across the word, with over 100,000 people without a place to call home in Australia alone. The Big Umbrella provides targeted support to individuals who find themselves on the street both here and in Asia. We have a number of long term projects that we require ongoing funds to continue, and we are additionally seeking to expand our services through a number of new initiatives.


 A real meal: for the last 6 years TBU have run Melbourne’s only on street soup station serving over 95,000 hot meals.  In partnership with Urban Seeds and Oz Harvest this service is about to expand as we start to operate 5 days a week. We are also seeking to use some of the funds from C365 to expand this service to the streets of Sydney and to open a drop-in service for those who find themselves displaced. FIND OUT MORE (link to Real Meal info)

TBU House and drop-in centre Nepal: our other key project is the TBU home in Kathmandu which provides long term rehabilitation and housing for children aged 4-17yrs that were formerly living on the street. With around 7,000 kids also homeless Kathmandu we would like to expand this support, including a drop-in centre which would offer valuable access to information, food and other services. FIND OUT MORE (link to TBU house project)


Your goal is simple. Raise $365 before 30th August 2017.

Step 1: Enter the challenge yourself, or rally some friends and family to form a team. If there is a big group of you why not divide into smaller teams and start a friendly challenge?

Step 2: go to www.gofundraise.com.au and set up a gofundraise page with The Big Umbrella as your beneficiary. Title your page with C365 and set your fundraising target to at least $365

Step 3: Get raising! Hold a morning tea, sell chocolates in the office, organise a raffle, or just collect your spare change. With a team of only four people you’re looking at $0.25cents a day! Why not kick off with a fundraising initiative that gets you ahead of game upfront?

We will be in touch periodically with ideas for fundraising, as well as updates on the projects.

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