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We are aiming to raise over $52,000 in the next 12 months to fund Blue Dragon’s rescue missions.

Blue Dragon is working on the front line with authorities, physically rescuing children from forced la
bour and the sex trade.

It costs a minimum of $1000, per rescue mission.

All we need is 147 people to give $1 a day for the next 365 days to reach this goal.

Everyone who reads this can help.

If you can’t afford to donate please contribute by helping us to spread awareness.

Do you know 147 people?

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Every thirty seconds, someone is forced into modern slavery… Only 1-2% ever escape.






The Big Umbrella is joining arms with Blue Dragons Children Foundation to work on the front line in stopping the unjust devastation that is Human Trafficking.
Blue Dragon is on the ground physically rescuing children from slave labour and forced prostitution, however their reach is restricted because of a lack of available financial aid.

The Big Umbrella has pledged to fund these rescue missions to the best of our ability



The following stories are true events told to The Big Umbrella by 3 victims of human trafficking and the Blue Dragon staff member responsible for their rescue.
Please know; they are extremely confronting and may cause emotional distress.

The traffickers in Vietnam will court a young woman for one year or so…they deceive them, playing the role of a trustworthy and loving partner for up to 12 months.. it all seems very normal until one day they take a “holiday” or “go shopping in China”. Here she will be SOLD

by her “boyfriend” to a brothel for as little as $2000 USD…

If she is a virgin the brothel can sell her 2 or 3 times the normal price, once she is no longer a virgin the brothel will then give her very  painful surgery to make her a virgin again, they continue this process 3 -4 times before her body can not take the surgery anymore.

One particular girls recount was that on her first day she was made to “service” 47 men..

A few years will go by, she will then be sold all around China to other less expensive brothels where she could service up to 50-70 mena day.

If she becomes pregnant they make her have an abortion, after this happens, she will be made to go back to work with in hours of the operation.

Some girls are then sold to a boat out at sea,  she will never return from this.. locked in a room and make to service sailors day and night until her small body can’t take it any more.

She will eventually die from this abuse and her body will be dumped over board, with no papers and no passport no one will ever know of this crime.









Money should not stand between these victims and their freedom.

Each rescue mission costs a minimum of $1000.

We aim to raise $52,000 in the next 12 months.

That is 1 rescue every week.

That is 52 CHILDREN who could be freed from slavery and saved from a torturous life of abuse.

We need your help.

These children need your help.

If we can get just 147 people to sacrifice just $1 a day, these girls will be rescued from brothels, children will be freed from garment factories and more traffickers will be arrested and imprisoned.

Can you make that sacrifice?

Act NOW to save these silenced victims.